All data are collected from:

Here are some generic team statistics.

Cheapest season tickets

Prices do not include discounts granted by some clubs for early purchase and do not include handling and shipping costs.

Next, we look at the squad and look at age, market values, squad size, legionnaires and number of own plants. All data are first collected for the season start on 09.08.19 by


In addition to the average age of the team, the complete team transfer market value is shown in gray.

Number of foreign players

In addition to the proportion of legionnaires in the squad, the absolute number of legionnaires and the total squad size is indicated in gray. The gray vertical lines indicate the mean values and fluctuations of the individual data.

Academy players

Former academy players must have played in the U19 or U17 side in the past and must also be in the current squad of the first team.

Squad age vs size

A comparison of play strength measured in @Goalimpact versus market value shows the following map.

Squad experience in Premiere League

Finally, we consider the transfer policy of the clubs in comparison to gained playing strength.

Transfer balances

The following diagram shows the transfer balance (income - expenditure) up to the league start. An update will take place after the end of the transfer. In gray the number of entries / exits are additionally indicated.

Market value vs Goalimpact

Overstated asked: How much Goalimpact do I get for how much €? This is shown on the following card, where the Goalimpact is plotted against the transfer market value.

Market value vs Soccer Power Index

The Soccer Power Index (SPI) is another measure of playing strength.

@Goalimpact vs Soccer Power Index

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